Frequently Asked Questions

Producing 3D visuals is a time consuming process and requires a specialized set of skills.  Even though computers are involved the work is done essentially by building virtual version of the building, adding detail, colours and finishes along with a site and landscaping. This work is all done manually and takes time and knowledge of the tools.

Please review the following frequently asked questions and if you don’t see one that you would like answered, please contact us and ask.

What files do I need to provide for a rendering?

We prefer all files in CAD (.dwg). We can also use files from Sketchup or Revit. Having accurate drawings makes the job go quicker.  Check with one of our specialists and they will be happy to help. Along with CAD elevations and plans, site drawings, landscaping plans and the finishes and colours will all help to provide the best result.

We also need to know the viewpoint you would like to see. This is sometimes easier to determine once the 3D model is created and we would be happy to suggest a viewpoint that will give the best view of the project.

How much does it cost?

The cost of 3D rendering can vary based on the size of the building, complexity of the design, texture and the number of renderings we are doing.  Just send us a PDF or CAD DWG file of the drawings and we will be happy to supply a quote.

How long does it take?

Depending on the scope of the project we typically are able to provide you the preliminary renderings in 3-5 business days. A few days of back and forth to get it perfect and we normally will have you the finalized 3D rendering a few days later.

Can we make changes to the rendering?

We will provide you a preliminary rendering and in most cases some suggestions to improve it.  From experience we know that a rendering often leads to simple colour or finish changes or even more complex design changes to the building.

We do allow for a reasonable number of colour and finish changes but physical changes to the 3D model may incur additional cost depending on the complexity and time required to alter what we have constructed.

What type of files will we receive?

During the process, we will typically email you lower resolution jpg files for review and comments. The final product will be delivered to you as a jpg file usually 5-10 mb in size. Would you like something different? Just ask….

What are your payment terms?

Our terms are payment is due on receipt of the invoice.

How can I send you my files?

If your files are under 10 MB you can send them to us via our contact form. If the files are over 10 MB, please review our resources page for software or services that will help send the larger files.

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